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The Total Tax Group provides tax and accounts solutions to the private, business and professional markets.

That’s the bare, dry, slightly dull facts. But that doesn’t really tell you much about us.

What we really do – and this is why we’re successful – is build strong lasting relationships.

We know this is a cliché. We know other businesses will say the same. The reason we’re different is that we apply this ethic throughout our working practices. We start at home. 


So at our heart we’re a people business. We believe that solid relationships built on trust make for happier, more productive staff which in turn promotes exceptional service, satisfied clients and excellent business partners.

As a client we’ll get to know you and your situation. We like to see you on your own turf. It helps us provide a comprehensive, rounded service. If we’re familiar with you, your situation, your aims and ambitions, we’re more likely to anticipate things for you and be involved as they happen

Hindsight is pointless in our business. If you’re looking back on something, chances are it’s already too late.

We keep our promises, we'll always have time to talk to you, and we never lose sight of whose money it is we’re dealing with.

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