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With HMRC tax enquiries on the rise and likely to continue, we wanted a way to protect clients against the inevitable costs of defence, whatever the end result.

Tax Enquiry Fee Protection Service

The pressure on the government to generate increased tax revenues has been well publicised and HMRC have been targeted with delivering an extra £7 billion in taxes each year.  As a consequence, the number of tax enquiries undertaken by HMRC has increased significantly and this upward trend is expected to continue.

Any “customer” of HMRC can be targeted to check they are paying the right amount of tax.  Answering HMRC’s questions takes time and the enquiries often take months, sometimes years to conclude.  It can cost thousands of pounds to defend you, whatever the end result.

It is as important for you to protect against these costs and so we have introduced a Tax Enquiry Fee Protection Service for clients of Total Tax Group.  The service is backed by an insurance policy under which we claim the costs of defending our clients in tax enquiries. Clients who subscribe to thes service will also be able to obtain helpful advice about the complex areas of Health & Safety and Employment Law.

It is important to note that the costs of tax enquiries are not included in our normal annual fees and clients who do not pay for the service will be charged the full amount of any such costs.

Insurance is offered through Taxwise Services Ltd


Whether an existing client or not if this is of interest please do get in touch


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