Personal Tax Returns & Advice

Our service for individuals covers all aspects of personal taxation.

We prepare income tax returns, rental income accounts, capital gains computations, and advise on inheritance tax planning,

residence or domicile issues.

And we make sure we’re there for you should HMRC make any enquiries into your tax affairs.

See our comprehensive list of services for individuals below.

If you're about to sell shares, chattels, houses or horses we will calculate the capital gain and tell you how you can reduce your capital gains tax bill.

If you’re selling your business or shares in your trading company we will advise on whether Entrepreneur’s Relief is available and make the necessary claims for you with HMRC.

We'll provide advice on all the capital gains tax reliefs and ways to ensure your tax is as low as possible.

A natural reaction if you receive a Notice of Enquiry from HMRC is to worry that your tax affairs are seriously wrong. Being investigated by HMRC is never a stress-free prospect.

With our experience as Chartered Tax Advisers we assess the risk of an investigation before your tax return is filed – after all prevention is better than cure. Making detailed disclosures in personal tax returns can alleviate the need for HMRC to open an enquiry.

If you do receive an enquiry notice, don’t panic. We handle all HMRC correspondence, assess any tax exposure and ensure you’re represented in the best light, keeping tax, interest and penalties to a minimum.

All our clients can benefit from professional fee protection insurance – pay a small annual premium and you’ll be covered for the full extent of our fees for dealing with HMRC enquiries.

Surprisingly few people actually plan for the unavoidable. Death and tax come hand in hand, and whilst you cannot predict the time of your demise, you can plan for the tax consequences, which are just as inevitable.

Inheritance Tax Planning is a very personal subject. We help work out what’s important to you. We ensure you have a Will that works. We set up Trusts where necessary and ensure your wealth is protected from tax whilst planning for the expense of old age.

There are many buy-to-let landlords who don’t seek the advice of a tax expert when preparing their rental accounts and tax returns.

Are you sure you’ve deducted all you can from the rental income? When is a repair not a repair?  Are legal fees always allowable for tax?  If you don’t know for sure you need professional tax advice.

We help our buy-to-let clients with mortgage references and longer term capital gains tax and inheritance tax advice too.

If you’re a higher rate tax payer with investment income you’ll need to file a tax return. If you receive income that’s not taxed at source, such as pension, rental income, interest or overseas income, and the total is more than the current tax free allowance – you’ll need to file a tax return. If you sold an asset that made a taxable gain, you’ll need to file a tax return.

Self-Assessment means you have to work out what tax you owe and tell HMRC. If you don’t do this on time, each year, there will be penalties.

Have a go online yourself at or simply ask us to do it for you.

The residence test for tax is a complex area of legislation which HMRC have tried to clarify but still causes confusion. As we have over 40 collective years of experience in this area we make sure you’re only taxed where you should be and full relief is given for taxes deducted in non-UK jurisdictions.

If you’re UK tax resident and in receipt of foreign income we ensure withholding tax is only deducted as a last resort. Most countries have a mechanism for pre-confirming your tax status in the UK – we ensure the right documents are obtained for the right purpose.

If your taxes are not up to date there are many ways HMRC can track you down.

There are a number of HMRC amnesty campaigns you can take advantage of if your taxes are in arrears, see

Even if your circumstances do not fit into one of these current amnesties, you can be sure to achieve a more favourable outcome by making a full Voluntary Disclosure before HMRC catches up with you.

We have taken many clients through the Voluntary Disclosure process, ensuring they are represented in the best possible way to HMRC.  See our “Case Studies” section for more details…

Case Study

In February 2013 an individual contacted us from a website search for "help in sorting out...


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