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Paul Thackeray joined the Total Tax Group as a Non-Executive Director in September 2015. With extensive experience in running multinational companies and IT security projects for multinationals such as Barracuda Networks, and Airbus Defence and Space, Paul’s specialities are in anti-fraud systems, mobile/wireless communications, storage and network security, e-commerce platforms, systems integration projects, and computer software methodologies within the commercial, financial, manufacturing, defence and Government sectors.

Accountancy firms need secure systems for storing and processing client’s sensitive data and transferring that data safely through various software platforms, portals and Government gateways. In an ever changing technological world, Total Tax Group make clients’ data protection the highest priority. Paul Thackeray’s strategic evaluation backed by tactical deployment in a fast paced environment, ensures we maintain a robust approach to our risk assessment of external threats, such as hacking, and thorough internal security protocols.

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